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December 02 2015


Coba Memasak Ikan Pesmol Yang Gurih

Coba Memasak Ikan Pesmol Yang Gurih - Rojo Jengkol's unrecognizable with black banners were installed in front of him. We were greeted by Heri "Kuncung", the owner of Rojo Jengkol's at once an MC who often fill various entertainment events in Yogyakarta. Stall looks quite simple, consisting of only a grain wagon and two small dining table on the porch. On a wagon, seen several large basins are lined, contains four menu jengkol presented: jengkol stew, goulash jengkol, rendang jengkol, and Balado jengkol. On the advice Heri, we also ordered Balado jengkol and rendang jengkol that looks tempting.

After waiting a resep ikan pesmol few moments, our orders came. Both rendang jengkol and jengkol Balado served in a small bowl, adjacent to the warm white rice steaming. We immediately bowed face to the dishes in front of us, trying to smell the distinctive aroma jengkol are typically strong smell. Surprisingly, aroma we expected did not appear, was replaced with a strong aroma of spices from the spice this menu.

Because it can not wait, immediately eat two menus available. Jengkol balado feels a little spicy, the effect of seasoning chili and lime leaves are used. Jengkolnya itself feels soft, but still has a texture similar to a potato that is characteristic of this bean. No bitterness that usually appears in the middle, except if the tongue we really sharp and clean of seasoning balado that smearing the outside of this seed.

The same sense of feel in the menu resep otak otak ikan tenggiri rendang jengkol that our message, but with a softer texture. Longer cooking times may make rendang spices jengkol feels softer, like boiled potatoes are almost cooked. Seasoning rendang is thick and slightly sweet tasted seep into the beans jengkol the meeting, was quite delicious when eaten with hot rice.

Finished eating, we were talking with Heri were still busy cleaning carts wares. MC named Kuncung stage is so eager to tell how he started a small business.

Hari Ini Bikin Cilok Untuk Oleh Oleh

Hari Ini Bikin Cilok Untuk Oleh Oleh - Out of curiosity, we decided to sit down and order food in the stalls who was named Depot this Setiawan. Most of the menu here comes from the style of Chinese Indonesian cuisine, such as fried rice, noodles, Shahe fen, cap cay, fu yung and pack lau hai. Additionally, Depot Setiawan also serves fried chicken, chicken butter sauce, steak chicken and magelangan. After a long discussion, decided to sample one of the menus are most in demand in the depot said this: cap cay fried noodles and vegetables with jumbo portions.

After a while of resep cilok goreng bandung waiting, the dishes we ordered came. The portion served was actually jumbo. Fried noodles were booked visible mounting on the plate width, with a variety of topping such as pieces of meatballs, chicken and scrambled eggs. Noodles was quite chewy with the aroma of spices that tend to be minimalist. Once tested, the taste of soy sauce and spices savory enough to dominate, but may not be suitable for those who do not like sweet.

Cap cay which served also resep steak tempe vegetarian has a jumbo portion, consisting of pieces of cabbage, cabbage and carrots sauteed along with chunks of chicken and scrambled eggs. When tried, the taste of salty-savory broth typical cap cay feels right, combined with the texture of the vegetables that are still krenyes-krenyes. No need extra rice to enjoy this dish, because the portion alone makes our stomachs full.

Well, talking about noodles and cap cay, did not it that most of the cooking recipe is a modification of the original concoction in China? Yes, because the people of Indonesia and China relations are so close, there are a lot of cultural exchanges between the two regions, including the culinary. Various original Chinese recipes such as fried rice, noodles, Shahe fen, cap cay, and others brought Indonesia, with slight modifications to fit the availability of ingredients and flavors of the archipelago. Recipes this modified later called the Chinese-Indonesian culinary style as we often see today, both in the large restaurant or on the street stalls, such as Depot Setiawan of Mr. Ruwanto this.

Kreasi Bikin Tongseng Kambing Plus Santan Kental

Kreasi Bikin Tongseng Kambing Plus Santan Kental - Has a narrow courtyard was really frustrating because not much can be done, even to plant trees because branches can not definitely hit the roof. But if you are a creative, you can use the narrow ground land by finding useful tips from a variety of sources. There are many things you can do with such a narrow land. With the creativity that exists and precious few clues so you can make your yard fish pond. How come? It might, though you are small and narrow land you can still create a pond to breed red tilapia.

Livestock Red Tilapia
Tilapia is not only high resep tongseng kambing sederhana value on the economic side but also of high value in terms of nutrition and the benefits if consumed. Nila has been shown to contain a lot of protein is good for the body and brain development. If you are really interested in raising tilapia tilapia either black or red then you have to do is look for tilapia farming techniques on a narrow area that is likely too little to have access to a large source of water. There are many ways to breed in a narrow area and if you are creative and able to exploit all the potential that exists, including finding out the technique of cultivation of freshwater fish from various parties eg fisheries department it is not impossible you can meet protein intake your family of tilapia fish farming yard you. For that there are some things that might be utilized or should know to maximize your narrow area.

To start a tilapia fish farming narrow your yard then resep sop iga enak you must know how the cultivation of tilapia in the pond tarp. Why pool tarp? Yes, because the tarp you do not need to land that is too broad and also you do not have to dig too deep in addition to the page you were with tarp you do not need too often supplying the water to your pond. With a tarp so little capital that you should remove.

September 29 2015


Memasak Nasi Goreng dengan Rempah Sayuran

Memasak Nasi Goreng dengan Rempah Sayuran - Regular exercise can help build muscle and burn calories. After exercising your body would feel hungry and thirsty. So that the exercise was not in vain, food intake is also noteworthy. Do not let this mistake you do after sports. Many people are put off eating after exercise. Yet according to Nancy Clark, RD as sports nutritionist suggest, to eat within 30 minutes after exercise. This is done to maintain steady blood sugar levels and warding off excessive hunger.

In addition, pay attention to the calories, if you breakfast, lunch or dinner about 400-500 kcal, preferably a snack should be about 200-300 kcal. By mixing protein and complex carbohydrates such as low-fat yogurt plus nuts and fruit into the best snack after exercising and hunger will come longer. If you are an athlete who perform intense exercise, you need to consume a sports drink. It aims to provide energy in the form of Resep Nasi Goreng Khas Jawa sugar and electrolytes. But on the contrary, water or H2O is very important to hydrate your body after exercise. Because if you fall in the category of mild exercise, it does not take much to consume drinks that are high electrolytes. Because the kidneys work harder than you would only drink water only.

Protein is a nutrient that helps a great recovery to rebuild the muscles during exercise. Combining protein with complex carbohydrates. Grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables provide a stable energy system protein the body while doing work http://www.resepmasakanlengkap.com/2014/07/resep-brownies-kukus.html to repair the muscle. Do not be afraid of fat, you can eat chicken and brown rice, cereals, milk and fruits and pasta with chicken pieces.

Smoothies are known either to replace lost energy after exercise. But, often the drink is not made with a balanced composition. Indeed, most smoothies contain more calories. To be safe, you should not cultivate smoothies more than 300 calories. You can make it with low-fat milk, soy milk with the addition of fresh fruits.
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October 02 2014


How to make soft chocolate cupcake

How to make soft chocolate cupcake - Cupcake Yourself is a type of cake that can be classified as a type of sponge cake but the shape is different, if the cake is usually made ​​in a large pan and cut but to make resep cupcake usually use a mold shaped like a cup, then from that is often called a cupcake. Usually cupcake made ​​using the oven, but this time we will try to make a cupcake steamed. For the resulting flavor, guaranteed to arouse your taste. In addition, we can also add other variations in steamed cupcake will we make, even gentleness equally steamed cupcake with cupcake oven results. What kind of cake you've tried other recipes such as resep martabak manis bangka are always a favorite everything.

The materials required:
100 grams of granulated sugar.
100 grams of margarine is melted.
75 grams of dark cooking chocolate is melted.
75 grams of wheat flour.
1/2 tsp cake emulsifier.
1/2 tsp baking powder.
12 tablespoons of milk powder.
2-3 eggs.

How to make:
Beat eggs and sugar together with cake emulsifier until white and fluffy.
Then add flour, baking powder and milk powder, while in the sieve and stir evenly.
After that, enter the margarine and chocolate also sebelunya has melted and stir evenly.
Then pour the batter into muffin tins that have been lined with paper cups until ¾ full.
Once completed, kukuslah mold the mixture for approximately 20 minutes / mature.
Once cooked, remove from heat and let cool. Cupcake ready to be served.

How to cook ikan bakar seasoning sauce

How to cook ikan bakar seasoning sauce - Grilled fish served in the restaurant is good but feels better again if we make it ourselves, especially on a weekend or when there is a family gathering. We are busy to prepare with other family members of spices to cook this sauce resep ikan bakar indonesia version. One of the typical Indonesian food can you eat when the evenings when you gather with family, so they can add to the warmth of your family. Although, it has a lot of grilled fish are sold, but you must be wondering how to make the grilled fish. If interested, then consider the following information. Creative cuisine with a material that is easily processed fitting way to dispose of a sense of lack of appetite due to the method of processing the same material but with different spices and presentation will make your appetite will increase, for example in this article there is the creation of the basic ingredients of fish that resep ayam bakar madu.

Grilled Fish Recipe Ingredients Ingredients:
Goldfish or Tilapia or Gurame Fish, to taste
1 tsp salt
cooking oil

Grilled Fish Seasoning Ingredients:
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 tbsp pepper powder
2 tablespoons spicy sauce
1 red onion, thinly sliced

How to Make Grilled Fish
1 Heat the oil for frying fish while washing and siangi to clean.
2 Rub the fish with salt to taste, and fry until cooked and not too crisp.
3 Prepare the seasoning for grilled fish. Preheat the grill (if I still burned over a gas stove, hehe).
4 Brush the entire piece of fish with spicy soy sauce seasoning grilled fish and grilled while inverted turning to prevent burning, then basting again with herbs and grilled again briefly, remove and serve.

How to cook a special peanut sauce batagor

Dishes are easy to find anywhere is indeed quite popular among the people, many lovers of the cuisine made ​​easy and has a pretty good sense that batagor, you can try to make yourself at home batagor you, and now this is the resep batagor I discuss separately make typical cancun batagor, maybe you've tried to buy it in bandung or perhaps sample the food on this one. The food can not be released by the city of Bandung is very easy to find, ranging from mobile vendors to cafe and restaurant great, and usually the seller batagaor also in tandem with the seller batagor. Batagor already widely known in Indonesia. Because it has a good taste and how to make batagor fairly easy, making batagor business opportunity that is promising. And this time we will share the recipe batagor and how to make a delicious yet easy batagor or resep siomay bandung too.

The material
150 grams of peeled shrimp, chopped
150 grams of chicken meat, chopped
5 large pieces of tofu, cut diagonally to form a triangle
9 pieces of fried wonton skins
6 tablespoons cornflour / tapioca
3 tablespoons sesame oil
1 leek, finely chopped
1 egg
salt to taste

Materials peanut sauce
1 teaspoon granulated sugar
1 teaspoon vinegar
150 grams of fried peanuts and mashed or pindakaas / peanut butter 4 pieces of red chili seeds removed, cut into pieces and fried, mashed
salt to taste
sufficient water

How to make it
Scratching the contents out to make room for the dough meatball.
Beat eggs then enter the shrimp and chicken that has been chopped, starch, sesame oil, salt and chopped scallions.
Mix well until dough can be formed.
Put the mixture into the idea that it had been dredged.
For the dumplings, take a bit of dough, place it in the midst of the dumpling skin, then to the four corners of the dumpling skin together and bent out.
Heat oil in a saucepan or frying pan.
Fried tofu and dumplings in hot oil until cooked and lightly browned.
At the time of fry, tofu and dumplings should be completely submerged in oil
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