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October 02 2014


How to make soft chocolate cupcake

How to make soft chocolate cupcake - Cupcake Yourself is a type of cake that can be classified as a type of sponge cake but the shape is different, if the cake is usually made ​​in a large pan and cut but to make resep cupcake usually use a mold shaped like a cup, then from that is often called a cupcake. Usually cupcake made ​​using the oven, but this time we will try to make a cupcake steamed. For the resulting flavor, guaranteed to arouse your taste. In addition, we can also add other variations in steamed cupcake will we make, even gentleness equally steamed cupcake with cupcake oven results. What kind of cake you've tried other recipes such as resep martabak manis bangka are always a favorite everything.

The materials required:
100 grams of granulated sugar.
100 grams of margarine is melted.
75 grams of dark cooking chocolate is melted.
75 grams of wheat flour.
1/2 tsp cake emulsifier.
1/2 tsp baking powder.
12 tablespoons of milk powder.
2-3 eggs.

How to make:
Beat eggs and sugar together with cake emulsifier until white and fluffy.
Then add flour, baking powder and milk powder, while in the sieve and stir evenly.
After that, enter the margarine and chocolate also sebelunya has melted and stir evenly.
Then pour the batter into muffin tins that have been lined with paper cups until ¾ full.
Once completed, kukuslah mold the mixture for approximately 20 minutes / mature.
Once cooked, remove from heat and let cool. Cupcake ready to be served.

How to cook ikan bakar seasoning sauce

How to cook ikan bakar seasoning sauce - Grilled fish served in the restaurant is good but feels better again if we make it ourselves, especially on a weekend or when there is a family gathering. We are busy to prepare with other family members of spices to cook this sauce resep ikan bakar indonesia version. One of the typical Indonesian food can you eat when the evenings when you gather with family, so they can add to the warmth of your family. Although, it has a lot of grilled fish are sold, but you must be wondering how to make the grilled fish. If interested, then consider the following information. Creative cuisine with a material that is easily processed fitting way to dispose of a sense of lack of appetite due to the method of processing the same material but with different spices and presentation will make your appetite will increase, for example in this article there is the creation of the basic ingredients of fish that resep ayam bakar madu.

Grilled Fish Recipe Ingredients Ingredients:
Goldfish or Tilapia or Gurame Fish, to taste
1 tsp salt
cooking oil

Grilled Fish Seasoning Ingredients:
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 tbsp pepper powder
2 tablespoons spicy sauce
1 red onion, thinly sliced

How to Make Grilled Fish
1 Heat the oil for frying fish while washing and siangi to clean.
2 Rub the fish with salt to taste, and fry until cooked and not too crisp.
3 Prepare the seasoning for grilled fish. Preheat the grill (if I still burned over a gas stove, hehe).
4 Brush the entire piece of fish with spicy soy sauce seasoning grilled fish and grilled while inverted turning to prevent burning, then basting again with herbs and grilled again briefly, remove and serve.

How to cook a special peanut sauce batagor

Dishes are easy to find anywhere is indeed quite popular among the people, many lovers of the cuisine made ​​easy and has a pretty good sense that batagor, you can try to make yourself at home batagor you, and now this is the resep batagor I discuss separately make typical cancun batagor, maybe you've tried to buy it in bandung or perhaps sample the food on this one. The food can not be released by the city of Bandung is very easy to find, ranging from mobile vendors to cafe and restaurant great, and usually the seller batagaor also in tandem with the seller batagor. Batagor already widely known in Indonesia. Because it has a good taste and how to make batagor fairly easy, making batagor business opportunity that is promising. And this time we will share the recipe batagor and how to make a delicious yet easy batagor or resep siomay bandung too.

The material
150 grams of peeled shrimp, chopped
150 grams of chicken meat, chopped
5 large pieces of tofu, cut diagonally to form a triangle
9 pieces of fried wonton skins
6 tablespoons cornflour / tapioca
3 tablespoons sesame oil
1 leek, finely chopped
1 egg
salt to taste

Materials peanut sauce
1 teaspoon granulated sugar
1 teaspoon vinegar
150 grams of fried peanuts and mashed or pindakaas / peanut butter 4 pieces of red chili seeds removed, cut into pieces and fried, mashed
salt to taste
sufficient water

How to make it
Scratching the contents out to make room for the dough meatball.
Beat eggs then enter the shrimp and chicken that has been chopped, starch, sesame oil, salt and chopped scallions.
Mix well until dough can be formed.
Put the mixture into the idea that it had been dredged.
For the dumplings, take a bit of dough, place it in the midst of the dumpling skin, then to the four corners of the dumpling skin together and bent out.
Heat oil in a saucepan or frying pan.
Fried tofu and dumplings in hot oil until cooked and lightly browned.
At the time of fry, tofu and dumplings should be completely submerged in oil
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